Standup Paddle

What is a SUP?

A SUP or Stand Up Paddling board is similar in design to a surfboard or windsurfing board, and is used for paddling with a single blade on a long shaft. SUP is the fastest growing sport in the world and is a cross between surfing and canoeing. The paddler generally uses the paddle to steer, and alternates sides during paddling. SUP boards can vary in length, width, depth, weight and construction, and are used for all sorts of conditions and waterways. SUP paddling is ideal for a large range of paddlers of all abilities and ages.

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KPC has 35 SUP boards, 42 paddles and new in 2016 we have “The Kraken” (a 6-10 person Inflatable SUP). The boards range in size from 9’6″ to 11’6″ Planning Hull boards, designed to do it all, good for novices in flat conditions or competent paddlers surfing wave on a windy day in the Okanagan. Our 14′ SIC race boards are ideal for the competitive paddler with the a Displacement Hull, that has a pointed nose for increased speed. Our recreational paddles are adjustable, and are not heavy, therefore putting less stress on joints and muscles, while our carbon race paddles are lightweight and come in various lengths.

Surftech SUP


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Stand-Up Paddling (SUP), or in the Hawaiian language “hoe he’e nalu”, is a sport originating in Hawaii. SUP is an offshoot of surfing that enables surfers to paddle farther into the ocean to find more waves. SUP is the fastest growing watersport in the world with events for all ages and all levels of paddlers in flat water, rivers, open ocean and surf conditions. Activities such as yoga and SUP polo are also making waves in the SUP community.

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